REVIEW: Settling Up by Eryn Scott

30831042Settling Up by Eryn Scott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Settling Up by Eryn Scott
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3 stars # Maths Genius Meets Super Hunk!

Eryn Scott‘s Settling Up, is about Lauren “Maths Genius” & Mack “Card Dealer” an unlikely friendship started by a bald spot!

Mack nodded. “It’s not noticeable. Unless you dip your head forward and part your hair directly in the middle.” He locked eyes with me “So, probably don’t do that. Again, that is.”

Lauren believes in the “perfect” man and has a list to prove it, Mack the complete opposite, he doesn’t meet any of Lauren’s requirements in a perfect man BUT there’s just something about him that draws Lauren to him.

So I calculated his percentage of non-compliance, factoring in the tattoo on his forearm (not that I minded it much, but people tend to hide their more intensely-inked sections of skin, which meant I could probably rule out number seventeen from my list: no tattoos or piercings that will be embarrassing when we’re old and on the beach with our grandkids.)

This charming depiction of falling in love, is hilarious and beautiful told about how opposites do attract. If you have a couple of hours spare, then I’d suggest giving this a read!

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