REVIEW: That Thing Called Love [Razor Bay #1] by Susan Andersen

That Thing Called LoveThat Thing Called Love [Razor Bay #1] by Susan Andersen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I couldn’t wait to read this book! I absolutely love Susan Andersen

2 Star # Jerk Alert!

You have Jake the main man who abandon his son, Jenny who has been in Austin’s life and then Austin himself a boy who’s lost everyone and just wants a fathers love.

“Why didn’t anyone ever drop by unexpectedly when she was dressed to kill?”
― Susan Andersen, That Thing Called Love

The concept was good but not sure I really understood why Jake did what he did and how quickly and easily he was forgiven. Don’t get me wrong Jake really cares about his son but it came across as he couldn’t really be bothered to make time for him. Needless to say it turns out alright at the end.

I hate to give 2 stars to it but it started off really slow and was getting better at the end but it was lacking something the usual Andersen spark!

I’m sure the next instalment will match the standard she’s previously set.

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To be continued…

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Thank you!

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