ALittleBookWorld teamed up with some kick ass gals to created #ChallengeBookamajig

The Challenge!!


Check out her blog for further details~

My Challenge……….


2 thoughts on “BOOK CHALLENGE: AUG-16

  1. 10th August 2016 ~
    This challenge is crazy! Flick through instagram I’m blown away by other people’s art. What I love about the challenge is that it’s thought provoking [especially if you’re a modern day reader and your library is digital], it makes you think outside the box. Some days I look at my pictures and cringe, other days I’m so proud I feel like I’m walking on air. The only downside, is I’m spending so much time thinking about taking pictures that I’m not reading lol.


  2. 31st August 2016 ~ FINAL THOUGHTS
    I’ve loved every minute of this challenge! Just looking back through my pictures I can see that my picture quality has improved and that my own personal style is bright, colourful and sometimes a little different to the norm.
    My downfall was my organisational skills…thinking it’s easy all you have to do is snap and shoot! How hard can that be?? Erm….extremely hard when you have a number of other commitments. What I thought of harmless fun quickly became something I wanted to be proud of. So I hope you like my pics 🙂 watch out for the next {easier} bookstagram challenge….
    Pics to be posted shortly. xox


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