REVIEW: Casa Largo Mystery by Miranda Barnes

31423840Casa Largo Mystery

by Miranda Barnes

Version: Kindle Edition, 139 pages

Publication: August 9th 2016 by Endeavour Press

*ARC received from Netgalley / Endeavour Press in return for an honest review*  


The guest house’s owner, Georgina, is grateful for the support of a fluent English speaker, as she faces pressure on all fronts – especially from her often evasive partner, Simon, who is constantly demanding money.

Sam begins to suspect that Simon’s ambiguous behaviour masks something more sinister, and when she learns that some of the Algrave’s residents live under false identities and engage in money laundering, her fears only intensify.

As the mystery deepens, Sam finds herself distracted by Hugo, a young man who was adopted by Georgina many years ago.

His relationship with his English girlfriend troubles Sam – but why?

Can Sam save her newfound friend and employer from a man who may be trying to rob her of everything she holds dear?

And can she get to the bottom of her confused feelings for Hugo?

Or will she be down and out at last?

Case Largo Mystery is a wonderfully unique combination of thought provoking mystery and captivating romance.

Miranda Barnes has lived in Northumberland nearly all her life, and most of her romantic fiction is set in the area she has come to love. Contemporary and authentic, her novels focus on the loves and lives of local people – shop assistants, craft workers, and farming and fishing folk.


A mystery without a mystery :  What do you do when you catch your boyfriend cheating and are made redundant in the same day?

Yep. Sam’s day couldn’t get any better after that. Thankfully for her, her mother suggests that she goes to work for her close friend in Portugal for the summer. A different location might help mend a broken heart and sort out her working situation.

Hugo is Georgina’s son {she’s the owner of Casa Largo} and he’s a little mysterious and elusive. Everything that Sam is trying to stay away from. She’s there to mend a broken heart not jump into another relationship.

There wasn’t much of a mystery; no gruesome murder or “dodgy” dealing as us Brits like to say. It was very blasé. Would I recommend it? No, the story missed a really bad guy. Someone that you end up loving and hating at the same time.

Score: 2/5


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