REVIEW: Good Earls Don’t Lie (Earls Next Door, #1) by Michelle Willingham

29985976Good Earls Don’t Lie (Earls Next Door #1)

by Michelle Willingham

Version: Kindle Edition, 337pages

Publication: September 27th 2016 by Montlake Romance

*ARC provide by Netgalley / Montlake Romance for an honest review* 

Netgalley Honest Review 3 Stars! I LIKED IT


After losing everything in the potato famine, Iain is searching for a wife whose dowry will save his estate. The beautiful and charming Lady Rose, unable to walk because of an illness that stole her strength, agrees to help him find a wife, but only if he will help her learn to take her first steps.

As their friendship takes root and blossoms into something more, secrets about Iain’s birthright threaten the growing feelings between them. He has no right to love a woman like Rose, who deserves a better life than he can give her. Rose believes that there is more to Iain than a broken past, and she brings light to his shadows.

Within the walls of a secret garden, sometimes miracles happen…


Bestselling author Michelle Willingham has written more than thirty-five books and novellas. Her stories have been translated into sixteen languages around the world and also released in audiobook format. She has consistently received four-star reviews from Romantic Times magazine, and Publishers Weekly has called her stories “genuinely funny and thoughtful.” In 2010 she was a RITA finalist for historical romance. She has also been nominated for Booksellers’ Best and National Readers’ Choice Awards. She lives in southeastern Virginia with her husband and three children. Her hobbies include baking, reading, and avoiding exercise at all costs. Visit her website at for more details.


Good Earls Don’t Lie is the first installment of Michelle Willingham Earls Next Door Series. Here we are introduced to Lady Rose Thornton {Leading Lady} who has found herself in a difficult time. Hit by an illness that has currently left her unable to walk. Lady Rose is hiding out in the country until she can walk again.

Enter Iain Donovan, Earl of Ashton. He too has fallen on hard times. His estate is failing due to the famine and he is in desperate need of an heiress to restore his family home but to also feed his starving tenants.

What I loved/hated
Lady Rose~ She’s strong and compassionate. Definitely not wilting flower. She’s determined to walk again. She won’t let anything keep her done. She’s extremely stubborn.

Iain, Earl of Ashton ~ He’s lead a difficult life and honestly it has continued on when he became Earl. He’s strong, dependable and Irish! He wants whats best for Lady Rose and his tenants and is willing to sacrifice himself.

There was a lot going on in this installment. I mean A LOT [you have Lady Rose who has been crippled {temporarily} by illness, Iain who’s supposedly not the rightful Earl due to circumstances out of his control, a missing brother, unknown marriage, lost money, returning husband??]

I LIKED IT and I’m looking forward to the next installment I just hope that it doesn’t have so much going on and that we able to really connect to the characters more. Lily’s story should be rather entertaining.

Score: 3/5

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