UNBOXING: Glamour & Secrets


By @MyBookishCrate 

This is going to be one epically glamorous box! The September box is perfect for fans of Gossip Girl, Unrivalled and the futuristic feel of The Lunar Chronicles and The 100!

 → @MyBookishCrate 



Goodies included in Glamour & Secrets box:-

  • A beautifully crafted scented marble soap by@geekyclean 
  • Heavenly melts by @bookandnookshop
  • Glamour Earrings by @pretty.drastic
  • Pocket mirror designed by@tjlubrano
  • Poster and badges by @mybookishcrate 
  • The Thousandth Floor book and personal letter by@KatharineMcGee

    This beauty is my very first single purchase book box, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Everyone on bookstagram was raving about book boxes and I was like sitting here all on my own clueless.

    What made it perfect for me…Is that they are a UK company (looking at other monthly/single purchase box subscriptions and the postage is a kicker!) Them having a single purchase option made the decision easier especially as I wanted to test the waters with this book subscription marlarky.

    Its does cost £28.00+shipping so it’s reasonably cost, crates are usually shipped between 15th – 20th of the month. I’ll admit the worst thing about it is the wait…..it feels like a lifetime before a cute little crate pops on your doorstep and if you’re like me and super impatient (I may have asked a few times when my crate was going to be delivered) the guys at @mybookishcrate are super friendly and helpful.

    If you haven’t already got your mitts on one of @mybookishcrate lovely crate click here to view next months crate → mybookishcrate.com but hurry they are selling quick!

    Are you a fan of subscription book boxes?

     Whats your favourite box?

    Leave comment below


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