REVIEW: Once Upon a Winter: All Four Parts in One by Tilly Tennant

Once Upon a Winter: All Four Parts in One – Plus an Exclusive Extra Short Story…

Version: Kindle Edition, 328 pages

Published October 13th 2016 by Lawsome Books
*Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review*


Snow is falling and Christmas day is in full swing at Hannah Meadows’s rural home. But the usual preparations for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and lashings of festive booze are interrupted by an unexpected knock at the door. And there on the doorstep they find a handsome stranger with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there, begging for their help.

So begins a winter like no other – one that turns all their lives upside down. For Hannah and her sister Gina, the stranger’s arrival might herald the prospect of love and healing for the hurt caused by messy break-ups. For Jess, Gina’s teenaged daughter, however, it signals dark times and discontent. There are new friends and enemies for them all and a new outlook on the world – and when the stranger’s memories finally return, there is heartache too.

If they can all weather the storm, happiness could be theirs. But storms this big can cause a lot of damage and chaos before they blow over…

A Note From the Publisher

Tilly’s hugely popular Once Upon a Winter novella series is now available in one omnibus edition – with an exclusive short story as an extra treat!


Please be warned this review includes ** SPOILERS *** if you do not want to see them please look away

We seemed to focus too much on the subplot then the actual main plot involving Hannah and Mitchell. There’s more depth in the supporting characters subplot then the leading story. Mitchell’s recover from memory loss felt unbelievable due to the fact to recovered remarkably quickly with hardly any poking at. He also had some character flaws {unintentional I’m sure} Also if he’s a businessman why would he trust his business colleague with so much responsibility, his character came across as gullible which is difficult to believe for a someone who has built his business from the ground up.

Part way through reading Once Upon a Winter the scenes with Gina in them had me thinking about “How to be Single” and Meg an OB/GYN who refuses to have a baby or any form of relationship.

This is how I envision Ross….

Gina keeps harping on about her age, while I thought her daughter was charming she turned out to be a little she-devil in disguise. She was really unhappy about the move from Birmingham to the country even though the move was a short train journey away.

Ross is a sweetheart farmer who deeply loves Gina. Gina keeps harping on about the age difference and insisting that it’s only a fling! She actually comes across as immature in comparison to her much younger partner!

The novel did make me question some of the characters character for instance what drove Martine to seek solace outside of the marriage? Why did Mitchell believe that money and buying things was the way to show his love?

There was way too much going on in this story for me, Tilly Tennant could have quite easily have made this a series and used the second novel to focus on Gina and Ross which would have worked nicely.

Score: 3/5

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