UNBOXING: Why do villains have to smell so good?


By MerakiCandles 

Goodies included in Villainous box:-

  • UMBRIDGE candle [wild rose]
  • BLACK JACK RANDALL candle [patchouli and cedarwood]
  • DARKLING candle [winter, woods and night]
  • DEMOGORGON candle [bay, cinnamon and ginger]
  • CONVINCE ME sticker [Hunger Games]
  • EVERY FAIRYTALE button badge [inspired by Moriarty]
  • DARKLING QUOTE notebook [designed by @lovelyowlsbook]
  • BOOKMARK [@dinomyteart]



This is my very first box from MerakiCandles  and I have to say I’m impressed. While it felt like a millennium before the box around {hello..newbie here}

I was OVER THE MOON with the goodies inside VILLAINOUS. You can really see the time that Heather has invested in making these boxes. TBH I was only expecting a couple of candles, so I was pleasantly surprised when I received extras.

Have you seen the goodies in the picture above?

If you haven’t already purchase one of Heather’s MerakiCandles and you’re a bit like me that you’ve been living in cave with no knowledge of these bookishly good goodies then head over to her Etsy store click on → MerakiCandles

Just on smell alone, you need one of her candles in your life.


Now I have the problem of which candle do I want to burn

What do you think of MerakiCandles ?

Do you have a favourite candle?

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