[30-Nov-16] #BOOKBLOGVEMBER Wrap-Up


Book Blogvember is a blogging challenge that Jade @bedtimebkwork is hosting during the month of November inspired by NaNoWriMo but hopefully a little less daunting {newbie blogger here so fingers crossed}

Jade @bedtimebkwork has kindly set out some clear guidelines on this challenge while its to enable creating great content the idea is not to restrict the thought process but to inspire.

The Guidelines

Write enough in the month of November to create 30 blog posts.

What this might mean to you:

  • Post on your blog every day in November
    • maybe you write every day
    • or maybe you just write on the weekends!
  • Write a blog post every day
    • but don’t necessarily post one every day
  • If you’re really behind on book reviews (like Jade), try to write one book review a day
    • if you don’t have a blog, this could work on any reviewing platform

Here’s what actually happened:-

  • Write rough drafts of 30 blog posts over the month of November – I want to create a mixture of posts i.e. book reviews, features, memes and discussions.

EPIC FAIL! I really did try to write rough drafts of 30 blogs. Honestly I sat down nearly every night to put something together. I really didThe first week I hit writer’s block! Nada! Nothing. I sat staring at the screen willing my brain to click in and create some amazing posts.

After a week I got my MOJO! I managed to draft/edit 23 posts in total. Which isn’t too shabby if I do say so myself! What I’ve learnt about myself this month is that I take far too long on deciding what I want the look and feel of the blog to be and what message I want to get across. One day I took SEVEN hours on the feel of ONE post {You’ll see it soon on my blog…its so pretty}

  • Post Twice a Week – I want to use this challenge to standardise my posting and improve engagement with my followers {it’s a little hit and miss at the moment}

This I performed exceptionally well at. Probably why I don’t have as many posts in my schedule buffer shhh I’ll tell you more below. Posting didn’t seem to be a problem. I rushed home, madly checking the clock to see how much time I had to blog.

I was determined that I would keep inline with my objective. Yeah I should have probably let it go but I’m a newbie and I didn’t want to disappoint my followers but I also wanted to be able to get my voice heard by a wider audience, to build on my current blogging-relationships and create new ones.

Average weekly posts: 4-5 

  • Schedule Buffer – Similar to Jade @bedtimebkwork I would like to have some content in place to post in the upcoming posts so I have time to catch up on ARCs I need to read

Ok. What can I say? I totally suck at catching up on my review blogs. I was distracted by all the pretty memes I came across on my fellow-bloggers pages.Yep I’m totally blaming you guys….how can it be my fault if you guys keep produce such great blogs?? 

I really could do with a time machine or a gadget to stop time...any ideas on where I could get my hands on one? There never seems to be enough hours in the day.

My plan for December….continue the good work started with #bookblogvember but perhaps be a little more flexible with my approach. On the plus side I have some holiday time coming up plenty of time to do another catch-up.

That’s me done! I’m now looking forward to the Twitter Chat to see how everyone else found it.

#bookblogvember Twitter Chat!

Join us on Friday December 2nd at 6PM PST (which is 9PM EST) and we will chat about your Book Blogvember journey. There will also be a giveaway at the end of the Twitter chat. Jade will choose one person to win a signed copy of Wink, Poppy, Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke. She’ll select the winner from tweets using the hashtag #bookblogvember. Go ahead and use this hashtag all month on Twitter – more tweets equal more entries in the giveaway (even if you can’t attend the chat!).



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3 thoughts on “[30-Nov-16] #BOOKBLOGVEMBER Wrap-Up

  1. Congrats girl!! You did better than I did LOL. That’s awesome that you were able to post 4-5 posts a week – like that’s really AMAZING! I’m excited for our chat tonight, I hope you will be there!!

    Liked by 1 person

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