Weekly Round-Up | WN50

I’m breaking from the norm!

Every Sunday I post a Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and I spend way too much time procrastinating so this is meant to be short and sweet.

I’ve also split out the Sunday Photo Post and gone back to my original format.

54c3b16f-5d5a-4c69-8d40-460d228b276eOFF THE BLOG…..

This week started off like normal… crazy busy with work. I’ve started a new job and had to give a presentation on how my “journey” has been, I’m not a big fan of giving presentations.

I’m loving my new team they’re a no-nonsense kinda people, which helps me not to stress out too much.

Also, this week saw me receiving these Secret Santa Gifts:-

  • Christmas Themed Book – Goodreads: BB’s Holiday Gift Exchange
  • Trolls Novelty Mug – Secret Santa @ New job
  • Craft Beer – Secret Santa @ Old job



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      • Feature & Follow Post Prompts – Best or favorite villains?
      • BOOK BLOGGER HOP: Do you participate in reading challenges that have you reading for 24 hours, challenges that have a yearly goal, challenges that have you reading certain genres, or do you not participate in challenges? (submitted by Elizabeth)

So, What did you get up to this week? Whatever you think, comment below, let me know!

And as always, if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more, click right here to see more!”


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