Getting My Geek On! #unboxing #mygeekbox

What is the My Geek Box?

My Geek Box is the must-have mystery subscription box of geeky goodness, hand-picked and sent straight to your door every month by our passionate team of experts.

What can I expect to receive in the My Geek Box?

Each box contains a variety of geeky gear, from wearables to comic books, household items to vinyl figures- we cram in as much as we can! Products are hand-picked by our team of super geeks to include your favourite franchises, cult movies, retro games and popular culture.

Why should I buy the My Geek Box?

The ideal monthly treat for yourself or a gift for a geeky friend, My Geek Box offers you a haul of unique and novelty items! In addition to our limited edition t-shirts, you will receive weekly offers from us including free gifts, subscriber exclusive offers and over £100+ worth of vouchers to use at various different online retailers! My Geek box is the perfect box to put you one step closer to superfandom!

The lovely Tracey @ Tfaulc Book Reviews gifted December’s #MyGeekBox

The box contained a number of “Geeky” goodies that I ADORE! 

The only thing I wasn’t to happy about is the t-Shirt sizes they seem to come on the “small” size.

I had a size medium, which I thought would be quiet roomy, turned out I need to lose an arm or two to fit in it.

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So, what do you think? Whatever you think, comment below, let me know!

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