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A Shot with You

by Teri Anne Stanley



A sweet romantic read, about two people desperately NOT looking for love. Lush maybe. Their pasts have shaped them, one desperate for adventures the other less risk taker worthy.

Both lead characters are intelligent but a little naive in their thinking that getting involved with each other would be simple especially when they have strong feelings for the other right from the get go. It’s an age-old story of love.

Trying to prevent the past mistakes nearly costs Brandon the love of his life. We see the driving force behind Brandon’s need to protect his heart and his business. Once bitten, twice shy! He wants to believe in Lesa but she’s made it clear that she has the wanderlust to travel and she’s the complete opposite to him.

Lesa realised that being with someone doesn’t tie you down or trap you. That an adventurer shared with the right person is more fulfilling than an adventure alone.

A Shot with You is definitely character-driven, the story unfolds with us slowly understanding what makes Brandon and Lesa tick.

The central focus of the plot is to not got hurt, Lesa and Brandon both behave the way they do due to past hurt. Those past experiences have sculpted them into the people they are now. A little afraid.

There’s not back and forth-ing with this story, Teri Anne Stanley doesn’t delve into the past highlight the characters who clearly have influenced Brandon and Lesa. We hear of those characters directly from Lesa and Brandon as the explain their histories to each other.

The ending is a little predictable. But it’s not forced or heavy-handed in its play out. Both are willing to put their hearts on the line for it other. It’s a novel theme, I’ve not come across many books that venture into the making of bourbon. I only know of Susan Mallory and her series that centres around a vineyard. It’s an interesting read that allows the reader to understand the bourbon/tequila industry.

I know sure that this story is meant to blow you away with the “greater need” symbolism. It’s a quintessential read that showcases the need that in order to find a full and happy life you have to take some risks and that being with someone won’t snuff out the inner wanderLust adventure seeker.


3.5 Stars ~ A sweet romantic read, the second instalment shows us Brandon workaholic and adventurous Lesa. That a chance meeting can change a couple for the better and that bourbon/tequila is more than a drink.
Which team are you #TeamBourbon 🥃 or #TeamTequila 🐍 homebody or adventure seeker?

Score: 3.5/5


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