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Title: Royally Deep

Age Group: Adult Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: January 10, 2017

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Take one sexy quarterback,

Mix in one adventurous princess,

Add some serious sexual tension,

And you get the royal romance of a lifetime.

Kyle Young—all-star quarterback and lady-killer—thought he knew what he wanted out of life: freedom, football and fun. Then he meets Bella. She seems like the perfect woman: gorgeous, funny, and a huge football fan. But what he doesn’t know? Bella also happens to be Princess Arabella of Salasia.

Yearning for adventure and romance before she devotes herself to her country and marries a man she doesn’t love, Arabella can’t believe her luck when she meets Kyle. Sparks fly between the football player and the princess, and they begin an affair neither of them could’ve imagined.

Soon, however, duty and self-doubt cause Kyle and Arabella to separate. Can he become the prince she needs? And can Arabella overcome her family’s disapproval? Or will their love transform back into a pumpkin at midnight, leaving them both without a happily ever after?


3.5 Stars ~ Entertaining lighthearted read, the Princess gets her Sportsman. You can find love in the most unlikely places. Europe has way too many princesses looking for love. Be brave and love will guide you.

~ Characters ~

Are the characters convincing? Do they come alive for you? How would you describe them — as sympathetic, likeable, thoughtful, intelligent, innocent, naive, strong or weak? Something else?

Bella is naive and weak in parts allowing her mother to dictate what she can and can’t do while Kyle is ashamed of his humble beginnings and feels he doesn’t deserve Bella.

Do you identify with any characters? Are you able to look at events in the book through their eyes—even if you don’t like or approve of them? Do they remind you of people in your own life? Or yourself?

I can’t say I identified with the characters, it’s a little far-fetched and they don’t necessarily behave how I’d behave in that situation. I’d hope I’d fight for what I want or at least allow a misunderstanding to be resolved.

Are characters developed psychologically and emotionally? Do you have access to their inner thoughts and motivations? Or do you know them mostly through dialogue and action?

There’s no great wealth of emotional or psychological development. The story is lighthearted, almost a pallet cleanser. Something to curl up with on a winter’s night to forget your worries.

Do any characters change or grow by the end of the story? Do they come to view the world and their relationship to it differently?

We see a glimpse of character growth from Bella, gone it the girl who’s excited to be in NY and a more decisive Bella replaces her. She’s now someone of substance.

~ Plot ~

Is the story plot-driven, moving briskly from event to event? Or is it character-driven, moving more slowly, delving into characters’ inner-lives?

The story has an even flow, more plot driven and fast pacing rather than a slow build up after delving into characters inner-lives.

What is the story’s central conflict—character vs. character…vs. society…or vs. nature (external)? Or an emotional struggle within the character (internal)? How does the conflict create tension?

Royally Deep centralises on the internal termales that Kyle & Bella go through where it’s brushed over their insecurities.

Is the plot chronological? Or does it veer back and forth between past and present?

In order to understand Kyle’s character we veer back and forth between past and present. It felt like the author had dipped her toes in rather than delving deeper and giving us more than a glimpse into the driving force for Kyle.

Is the ending a surprise or predictable? Does the end unfold naturally? Or is it forced, heavy handed, or manipulative? Is the ending satisfying, or would you prefer a different ending?

The reason for picking this story is the predictable ending…. guy gets girl!

~ Imaginative Development ~

What about theme—the larger meanings behind the work? What ideas does the author explore? What is he or she trying to say?

RD is a sports themed romance. A genre/theme I enjoy greatly. We saw less about the football and a tad too much of sex. Don’t get me wrong, well written sex scenes are enjoyable but sos the build up to it. We don’t all enjoy wam bam thank you mam!

Symbols intensify meaning. Can you identify any in the book—people, actions or objects that stand for something greater than themselves?

Bella finally makes a stand. She’s fallen in love and won’t allow must to stand in her way after a slight bump in the road.

What about irony—a different outcome, or reality, than expected. Irony mimics real life: the opposite happens from what we desire or intend…unintended consequences.

I’m not actually sure what princesses do and how they should behave. The story could have down with more character development on Bella’s part, for us to see her blossoming outside of the bedroom. Yes she has charity work and singing but it never came across that she was truly passionate about it.

I’ve scored it..


Score: 3.5/5

So, Royally Deep, have you read it? What did you think about it? Whatever you think, comment below, let me know!

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