#Review | The Cure Hotel by Ashley S. Clancy

The Cure HotelThe Cure Hotel by Ashley S. Clancy | My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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A gripping thriller, with a horrifying twist, where the dark sexual past of this tarnished building, can’t be fixed by the new owner, who simply hasn’t got the Cure in his blood.

Who doesn’t love a thriller with multiple plot twists, where you are bouncing back and forth questioning the evils of the world? Or is that just me? I was really looking forward to this twisted novel. It remind me of Bates Motel: Season 1 something a little scary and intriguing. My expectations were extremely high!

The Killer is clearly not right of mind. The reason for the killings are down to infidelity or the perception of it. No one is safe. As the body count goes up and up the police are no closer to discovering what is happening within the walls of the Cure Hotel. Is it possible that the Killer will get away with murder or in this case murders?

Ashley S. Clancy brings to life true evil in The Cure Hotel the vicious attacks and bloodshed are gruesome. What Ashley S. Clancy fails to do for me is to conclude the book especially as she has no plans to follow it up with a second installment. Does the Killer get caught? We’re left hanging…. which is never a good place to be..

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? While I rated it 3 stars, I found that there are a few loopholes in the story plot. It’s a highly sexual novel…which we know from the get go but the over use of sex doesn’t really add to the story if anything we focus too much on the sex and not the character development. Here we hit a bump in the road. I want the KILLER to be caught and in the fact that doesn’t happen. I’m left frustrated. So, if you’re looking for a novel to frustrate you….. then The Cure Hotel is right up your alley.


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