#Audiobook #Review | Frostblood by Elly Blake

Frostblood (Frostblood Saga, #1)Frostblood by Elly Blake


Narrated by Jennifer English | 10 hours 44 mins

Publisher’s Summary

The first in an addictive fantasy series perfect for fans of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen and Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass.

Enter a world where fire and ice are mortal enemies….

Ruby is a Fireblood. In a land ruled by frost, her very existence is a crime. She’s spent her whole life in hiding.

Until the day Frostblood soldiers raid her village and kill her mother. The day she swears to avenge her people.

She must travel deep into the heart of the enemy, to the court of the Frost King, with only the mysterious warrior Arcus – a Frostblood rebel – by her side. But with alliances between flame and ice strictly forbidden, is Arcus friend or foe?

Ruby will have only one chance to destroy the maniacal ruler who took everything from her. But she has no idea just how hot her fire will burn….

Frostblood kicks off this intriguing new YA series. In Frostblood Elly Blake introduces us to a world where there are Firebloods and Frostbloods which I found surprisingly intriguing. The publisher’s summary recommends it for any Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass fans, which is on my TBR list for this year.

The story centres around Ruby a “Fireblood”. She’s had to hide her talent from the world, as Frostbloods and Firebloods have an age old deadly feud. Its a familiar story plot

Frostblood details Ruby’s story, her acceptance of who she truly is and what she’s capable of achieving when she believes. ThankfullyElly Blake threw a beautiful love story into the mix, which highlighted that opposites can attract!

*Picked this read for my 2017 Audiobook challenge!



Elly Blake characters are complex and have multi-layers to their personality.

Ruby is stronger than she thinks or even believes that she’s capable of. She’s been traumatised and has suffered loss but somehow she has managed to overcome her adversities.

Arcus What can I say about Arcus? He’s extremely hard on Ruby. A Frostblood who’s had to rescue Ruby from prison as she’s the key to changing the future. He’s unsure of Ruby and what’s her driving force. Once burnt! I adore their relationship… its a little too slow in parts but I’ve read reviews that Frostblood doesn’t stand up to previous YA books i.e. “Storm Siren“. Personally I haven’t read those books so for me this was a NICE read.


Jennifer English narrated Elly Blake‘s Frostblood. For me she stood out mainly down to her access. To my ears she was extremely british which for me is a novelty normal the narrator is American. This was the first time I have listened to Jennifer English narrating a story. She has a rich and pleasing tone which enabled her to switch back and forth with the characters.

My copy of Frostblood was purchased from Audible.co.uk so the sound quality was of a high standard.

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT? Yes. While others have read a similar story and found this one wanting. I personally found it entertaining and an enjoyable read. With it being 10 hours and 44 minutes I may suggest picking up a copy of the book and reading rather than listening may differ your opinion on the novel. By this I mean… the audiobook is quote length… and made me feel that it was a slow paced novel I doubt this would be the case if I had been reading rather than listening.

BUY IT: http://amzn.to/2lwdzdk

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