#Reviews | Dead Last by Rachel J. Clay

Dead LastDead Last by Rachel J. Clay | My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who would have thought being an Olympic Champion would be a hazard to your health? Dead Last by Rachel J. Clay shows you how deadly winning can be. How far would you go to win gold?

Rachel J. Clay has you guessing from the start on who is behind the attacks on Carla following the disappearance of Sasha. Someone really wants to win…. and badly She throws a number of curveballs attempting to throw us off and finally when the KILLER is unveiled we are left feeling……. questioning the character and asking the following questions:-

  • What was the driving force for the Killer?
  • What motivated the Killer?
  • Why weren’t we shown more insight into the Killer’s frame of mind?

WOULD I RECOMMEND IT YES! Totally. Click to buy it -> http://amzn.to/2m9qxu5 you won’t be disappointed. With a few tweaks this 4 star novel would have definitely been a 5 star read. A bit more character development and in my personal opinion Rachel J. Clay would have been on to a winner! #HappyReading!


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