#Unboxing @Fairyloot Emperors & Fugitives | FEB-17 

Emperors & Fugitives | February 2017


Every month Tracey and I become excited little bunnies, as soon as the email notification hits Tracey’s mailbox we’re on countdown. What will this month’s box include? Will I love it? Will we have to come to fisticuffs to decide who gets what?

Fairyloot and co. never disappoint. For a reasonable price of £32.95 UK delivery (a little cheaper if you have a discount code) It’s one of the best value for money book subscriptions that are UK-based.

Let’s not keep you waiting here’s the goodies for this month….descriptions provided by Fairyloot

Full Size Kalusian Sunset Candle, which was made for you exclusively by Happy Piranha. The candle was actually named by our author of the month, and the name will make sense after you read our book of the month!

The Rebel of Sands Pouch was hand lettered exclusively for you by Alisse Courtier

Who doesn’t love Groot? We sure do! This month we’ve included a Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Keychain from Funko. You’ll never lose your keys with this cute keychain!


If you’re on the run through the galaxy, you’re going to need a Celestial Gunpower Bath Bomb to keep you sparkly clean. Okay, maybe not, but it might help make the whole ‘on-the-run’ thing better, right? This bath bomb is cupcake scented and was created exclusively for you by Bathing Beauties.


The Illuminae Quote Coaster was made for you exclusively by Read At Midnight, and it’s the perfect addition to any home!


The lovely ladies at Till and Dill have designed the stunning exclusive Space Girl Bookmark. We love the detailing!


The stunning double sided Manon and Dorian (Throne of Glass) Art Print was exclusively made by Taratjah

The book of the month is a sprawling space operah brought to you by Rhoda Belleza. Empress of a Thousand Skies is a fantastic combination of fantasy and sci-fi. We hope you enjoy the signed bookplate and author letter!


Look at all these beautiful goodies!

Aren’t they amazing? How do Fairyloot do it? Each month their boxes get better and better.

So, Whatever you think, comment below, let me know! And as always, if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more, click right here to see more!

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