About Me


I’m a lover of all things book related.

I honestly thought it was a secret that I was such a BIG reader apparently not. It’s not that I’m ashamed that I’m a bookworm it’s more of the fact I hate being asked once people know I read….

“Oh so you’ve read Fifty Shade of Grey!”

There’s nothing wrong with Fifty Shades of Grey (Which I have read but for all non booklovers they seem to default to the latest read)

Wow I’m sounding a bit pompous sorry about that! 

As you can see from my Goodreads profile I have a varied taste which includes these amazing authors Susan Mallery, Karen Rose, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Julia Quinn, Amanda Quick {the list could go on}

I love the fact that each author embraces their genre and brings it to life for me.

Karen Rose makes me want to be a brilliant detective while showing the darkest evil the world has to have, J.D Robb also has a kick as Detective in Eve Dallas and yet the two authors are completely different.

I love them both for that!

I want to be the hard-nosed kick ass detective who lives to correct a wrong or a human assassin who really just wants a normal life or even a lady waiting to rescue HER knight! I want it all! And thankfully these amazing authors and many more that I haven’t listed have provided the world with outstanding characters. 

They are the reason I continue to read without them the world would be a less shiny place.





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