[6-Dec-16] GUEST POST: 25 Days of Christmas by As Told By Tina


TAG YOU’RE IT! | The Christmas Song Book Tag

This tag was made by Hails Hearts NYC on YouTube (click here for the original video) and I came across it on @RoundTheFlames blog. Click here if you’d like to see her response to the below themed questions.

To be honest it was the PERFECT tag for me to capture some of the things I love about books under a “Christmas” tag.

I LOVE Christmas, I mean what’s not to love about christmas, ok yeah as an adult it does lose a little of its charms but there’s just something about the holiday season.

I hope you enjoy this little tag, feel free to comment below or use Linky below to link back to your own blog post I’d love to see your answers….

Happy Holidays!

You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch

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